Elderly Chinese Man Takes Desperate Measures to Get Cockroach Out of His Ear

A Chinese man with a rather unusual dilemma of having a cockroach living inside his ear ended up spraying his ear canal with insecticide.

The unnamed 60-year-old man from the Sichuan capital of Chengdu had reportedly run out of available options and was forced to spray insect-killing substance into his own ear.

According to Oriental Daily (via Shanghaiist), the small insect had been nesting inside the poor senior’s ear for three days.

After shaking his head back and forth, using tweezers and toothpicks, the old man tried everything but all attempts failed to force the insect out.

He resorted only to spraying the pest with chemicals after running out of an alternative option.

The good news was he did kill the cockroach with the spray, however, the bad news was it also damaged his own ear.

The chemical caused his ear canal to swell, and the dead bug was left trapped inside.

Left with no other choice, the man went to a hospital to have doctors handle the removal of the dead cockroach from his ear.

After the successful extraction of the 1 cm-long insect, the doctors advised him to try pouring mineral oil into his ear if it ever happened again.

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