Elderly Chinese Couple Has Lived in a Cave For 54 Years

A Chinese couple have been living inside a cave for the past 54 years and they intend to stay there for as long as they live.  
Husband Liang Zifu, 81, and his wife, Li Suying, 77, moved in the cave near Nanchong, China because they did not have enough money to rent or buy a house, the People’s Daily Online reported.
It was three years after their wedding when Liang found the cave and decided to stay there for good. After clearing the area and fixing the place with some rooms, the place became their home where they would spend decades together building their family and raising their kids.
The huge hole in the mountain had space for three bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room — more enough room to be able to raise kids. It even has an electricity line so Liang could set the place up with some home appliances as well. The couple even grow their own food on a farm they made on top of the cave. They even have a pen for pigs.
Local authorities have so far failed to convince the couple to abandon their cave and move to a better place which they were willing to provide. They have reasoned out that they have already grown comfortable in the home that they have stayed in for more than half a century. They also love the fact that the place is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Their story has been heavily discussed in Chinese social media with some netizens commenting how they envy the couple’s somewhat simple lifestyle while some comment on the coziness of the place.
The couple’s children, who have all grown up, have already moved out of their homely cave and now live with families of their own.
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