Elderly Auntie Scams Fish Stall in Singapore With Sneaky Disappearing Cash Trick

A tricky elderly woman was caught cheating a stall holder by pretending she already paid for the fish she “bought.”

The incident occurred on December 27 at Singapore’s Whampoa Wet Market. It was captured by surveillance footage obtained by Stomp.

The woman distracts the shopkeeper from getting the bill.

As seen in the video, the woman waved a $50 note at a male shopkeeper while pointing at the fish she wanted.

She quickly put the bill in her pocket as the shopkeeper prepared her purchase.

When the shopkeeper handed her fish and asked for payment, she claimed having paid already. She looked around the stall in pretense.

Confused, the shopkeeper gave her a $40 change anyway.

After learning about the incident, the shop’s owner decided not to make a police report but hoped that others will be vigilant.

Confusion escalates as the woman claimed having paid already.

Apparently, the auntie was previously accused of tricking another stall holder on November 18. She was also caught on camera, but at the time, she pretended not to have received any change.

We’re not exactly sure what’s going with aunties these days. Sometimes they’re good, but sometimes they’re really awful.

Watch her trick the shopkeeper:

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