People Thought Cameron Diaz Visited the Philippines, But It Was Just a Normal Tourist

Philippine social media and news outlets went ablaze earlier this week when a set of pictures was posted online showing Cameron Diaz visiting the popular tourist destination of El Nido in Palawan, Philippines.

On Tuesday, food entrepreneur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu posted a series of pictures on Instagram showing a Caucasian female wearing a white sports bra that looks somewhat similar to the Hollywood actress who starred in the hit film franchise “Charlie’s Angels.”

Guess who came by to visit us at I Love Backyard BBQ Palawan @camerondiaz?!?” the caption wrote, accompanied by a hashtag of Bradley Cooper, suggesting that the man she was with was the “A Star is Born” actor.

Then, in an Instagram story post, the entrepreneur backtracked on her statement regarding the man being Bradley Cooper. She wrote: “And she came back! It’s definitely Cameron but not Bradley.”

Many Philippine news outlets were quick to jump in and report the sighting of the 46-year-old actress in the country including newspaper Philippine Star, celebrity and fashion magazine Cosmopolitan, and local channel ABS CBN. The local channel, however, took down the report days after it was published.

But as it turns out, the woman was actually just another Caucasian tourist visiting the tourist spot in Palawan. Many netizens pointed out that the woman in the picture could just be a lookalike including local journalist Karen Davila and actress Heart Evangelista, according to AsiaOne.

Well I guess two can play that game. Asian people can also mistake Caucasians for other Caucasians.

Featured Images (left) via Instagram / happyongpauco_tiu, (right) via Instagram / camerondiaz

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