Saudi Millionaire Walks Free on Rape Charge After Claiming His Penis Fell Into Teenager

A Saudi millionaire was cleared of rape after he claimed he accidentally penetrated an 18-year-old girl because he tripped and fell.
“I’m fragile, I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened,” Ehsan Abdulaziz told the court.
The jury’s deliberation, which took 30 minutes, found the accused not guilty of forcing himself on the teenager.
According to the The Daily Mail, the teen girl met Abdulaziz last year at the club Cirque le Soir in London’s West End, where she had been spending time with a 24-year-old friend. Her friend was an acquaintance of the rich Saudi national.
According to court testimony, the three initially spent some time together at an expensive table. He then took the girls to his apartment after offering them a ride in his Aston Martin. After offering them expensive vodka, he took the second girl into the bedroom. The teenage girl fell asleep on a sofa after a night of drinking.
The 46-year old businessman stated that he already had sex with the teenager’s older friend when he came out to help her. He claimed his penis may have been sticking out of his underwear after that sexual encounter when he tripped and fell onto the teen girl.
The teenager reportedly woke in the early morning to discover that Abdulaziz was on top of her and forcing his penis inside her.
The suspect countered this claim by saying he accidentally fell on the girl when she tried to seduce him by pulling him on top of her and placing his hand between her legs. He claimed that it was how traces of his DNA came to be in her vagina.
The suspect, who was cleared of one count of rape, resides in Maida Vale, an affluent district in West London.
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