Egyptian Athlete Refuses to Shake His Israeli Opponent’s Hand After Getting Beaten

In perhaps the most jarring example of poor sportsmanship at the Rio Olympics, Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby refused to shake hands or bow to his opponent after his first round loss to Israeli judoka Or Sasson.

In the Japanese martial art of Judo, it is considered a sign of respect to bow to our opponent before and after the match. When El Shehaby lost by default after being thrown twice, he can be seen backing off when Sasson approaches to shake his hand. El Shehaby walks off but is then called back to the floor to give the required bow as the crowd boos.

The breach in judo eqtiquette and sportsmanship between the two athletes once again highlights the historical contention between Egypt and Israel which, unfortunately, could not be put aside in the spirit of the games.

El Shehaby refused to comment after the match. Sasson went on to win a brinze medel for Israel in the tournament.

— SussexFriendsIsrael (@SussexFriends) August 12, 2016

Image via YouTube

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