Man With Balls of Steel Takes Selfie With EgyptAir Hijacker Who Held Him Hostage

A ballsy British man managed to take a selfie with an Egyptian hijacker who held him and the rest of the airline passengers hostage aboard an EgyptAir flight.
Ben Innes was even smiling as he posed for a photo with Seif Eldin Mustafa, who was seen wearing a suicide belt. Cypriot authorities later determined the “belt-bomb” to be fake.
According to the MailOnline, Mustafa forcibly redirected the Cairo-bound flight to Cyprus, eventually landing at the Cyprus’ Larnaca airport.
Innes was among the four foreigners and crew left who were held hostage after the hijacker released most of the 62 passengers after the plane landed on the tarmac.
During the standoff that lasted for about six hours, a calm Innes took a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a selfie with a “terrorist” and sent the epic photo to his friends via WhatsApp. The health and safety auditor told one friend ‘You know your boy doesn’t f*** about. Turn on the news lad!!!
His friend replied worryingly: ‘Wtf? Is that a bomb attached to the guys chest? You ok? Let us know when you get off.’
‘I have no idea why he took the selfie but I imagine he probably volunteered to take it as he’s no afraid to shy away from anything,‘ Chris Tundogan, Mr Innes’ flatmate, told MailOnline.‘I find it pretty mental but that’s just Ben I guess!’
Wearing the fake suicide belt, Mustafa managed to force EgyptAir MS181 to land in Cyprus where he demanded to see his Cypriot ex-wife. He also made weird requests that included a meeting with European Union representatives and to be transported to other airports.
After the six-hour negotiation, all hostages, along with Mr Innes, were eventually released moments before the hijacker himself gave up.
Authorities later commented that the hijacker appeared to be ‘mentally unstable’. An Egyptian Foreign Ministry official was even quoted as saying:’He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren’t stupid. This guy is.’
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