Eddie Huang Debuts Panda Underwear That Makes ‘Balls Feel Fantastic’

Eddie Huang Debuts Panda Underwear That Makes ‘Balls Feel Fantastic’Eddie Huang Debuts Panda Underwear That Makes ‘Balls Feel Fantastic’
“Fresh Off the Boat” author and restaurateur Eddie Huang has joined forces with MeUndies to launch his Pandamonium undergarment collection that aims to celebrate positive body image.
I’m Asian, fat, and I’m short. These are like the three cardinal sins of being an underwear model,” Huang joked in a recent interview with GQ.
He continued:

I’ve never been that comfortable with how I look, or my body. When you’re a dude, you’re not really asked to talk about that. You hear women talk about their bodies, their appearances, and how they’re uncomfortable with it. I read a lot of feminist literature. My girl is a beauty director at Elle. I read her articles and her friends’ articles. I definitely had a lot of self-image stuff I dealt with personally, but I don’t think it’d be fair to compare to women’s body issues, since it’s a lot more complex for a number of reasons for them. But I don’t hear a lot of men write or talk about positive body image.

In his underwear campaign, Huang opens up about how the collaboration with MeUndies helped him proudly own the way he is.

We created MeUndies because everyone deserves ridiculously comfortable underwear and we were tired of all the compromises made in order to find a great pair,” the company’s mission statement reads. “MeUndies was created for you because we truly believe a pair of our underwear will change your life, make you bolder, and save you time and money.
Huang also sat down with Highsnobiety to discuss the lack of male Asian models who look like regular guys.
I’ve seen like, two Asian dudes in porn. Those are the only models I’ve ever seen. I don’t know their names,” he quipped.
The Viceland “Huang’s World” host went on to talk about how the Pandamonium underwear can help to accentuate a man’s penis, a term he calls the “dill-houette.”
It wicks away sweat, and when you’re sitting in the movie theater, it’s not gonna ride up. I’m a boxer briefs dude,” he told the lifestyle news site.
As the new face and “husky-ass” underwear model for MeUndies, Huang hopes to encourage men and women to be comfortable with their own body.
My balls feel fantastic,” he said of the panda print undies.
Available for both men and women in different sizes, you can grab a pair from the Pandamonium collection at MeUndies’ official website.
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