Ed Sheeran Spoils New BTS Song Title He Wrote, Fans Meme Big Hit Entertainment’s Reactions

Ed Sheeran spoiled the title of the song he wrote for BTS on Instagram on Monday and fans are making fun of Big Hit Entertainment’s reaction to the spoiler. 

Spoiler alert: During an interview with Most Requested Live on Sunday, Sheeran spilled that he was writing a song for BTS’ new record and called them “super cool guys.” 

  • BTS’ label Big Hit Music confirmed the news by issuing a statement that read, “It is true that Ed Sheeran is participating in BTS’ new song,” according to NME
  • During a Q&A session with his fans via Instagram stories, a fan asked, “Will we see Ed Sheeran and BTS together in the future?”
  •  “Yeah, I believe it’s their next single. It’s a song called ‘Permission to Dance’ and it’s very dance-y,” Sheeran responded.  
  • Another fan asked what his favorite BTS song was and he responded that it was their upcoming song.

“Permission to Spoil”: Fans put the clips together and the spoiler had fans freaking out on Twitter, with some joking that Sheeran had “permission to spoil.”

Featured Image via K Live

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