Singaporean Woman Finds True Love With Her Uber Driver

Singaporean Woman Finds True Love With Her Uber DriverSingaporean Woman Finds True Love With Her Uber Driver
Carl Samson
February 17, 2017
A young couple in Singapore proves that ride-sharing does not only reduce travel costs — it also opens the doors for romance.
Dylan, a real estate agent and part-time Uber driver-partner, was going on his with his day until Dora, a flight attendant, took his uberPOOL ride.
Dora was on her way to Changi Airport. As it turned out, the trip had lots of laughs thanks to Dylan’s knack for chatting with passengers, the Vulcan Post said.
As Dora was the last rider to drop off, the two spent a longer time chatting. Their conversation was just like anything for new acquaintances — Dylan asked about her job and the university she graduated from.
While they certainly enjoyed the conversation, Dylan did not ask for Dora’s number as he tried to remain professional. However, he knew she was unforgettable.
Dylan eventually took his quest to social media, where he sought more information from friends.
Fortunately, after two days of the memorable trip, a “friend of a friend of a friend” became the most needed link. Dylan asked Dora if she remembered him, and to his delight, she did. This led to more meetings and dinners together.
The two have now been dating for three months, and the love between them just goes on.
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