American College Student Amazes China By Singing in Mandarin On National TV

American College Student Amazes China By Singing in Mandarin On National TV

November 7, 2017
A 21-year-old American expressed his love for Chinese culture and history by passionately singing “Chinese Dream, My Dream” on China’s national television.
Walker was also a student at the Beijing Language and Culture University as well as a member of Communist Party USA, according to Shanghaiist. The 21-year-old’s tribute to China wasn’t just for show since Walker revealed that he owed a lot to Chairman Mao’s teachings because it managed to change his life.
“So Chairman Mao and the Communist Party of China have a special place in my heart,” Walker added . The America-born singing sensation even complimented Chinese president Xi Jinping by saying, “Right now today, he’s one of my favorite leaders. I think in the whole world, he is the strongest leader we have right now.”
According to HKFP, Walker has been studying Chinese since he was in first grade and has been living in China for about two years. Walker has grown accustomed to life in China as he described it as “too convenient” and has even assimilated to locals by being referred to as his Chinese name Wu Danran.
The 21-year-old’s media exposure led him to multiple interviews and appearances in various official media outlets thus skyrocketing him to stardom in China. However, not everyone was pleased of Walker’s rise to stardom as some Twitter users bashed him by calling him “deceptive” and a “stupid dog.”
“Nothing strange. Some white Americans are living in North Korea. Some even joined ISIS,” another tweet read. Despite the harsh comments, Walker doesn’t seem to be moving out of China soon due to his convenient experience in the country, which includes not bringing his wallet with him everywhere he goes since China offers a variety of online payment options, not to mention the perks that come with his popularity.
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