Dying Father Musters Enough Strength to Honor His Daughter on Her Wedding Day

A 64-year-old father from Chiayi, Taiwan is in the final stage of colorectal cancer, but he still chose to be a part of his daughter’s special day by covering the head of the bride with a wedding veil on April 11.

The newlyweds rushed to the emergency room of Chiayi Christian Hospital where the bride’s father, identified only by his surname Hou, was being treated for his colorectal cancer before their wedding ceremony, according to United Daily News via Taiwan News.

Hou, who was admitted to the hospital the night before the wedding, still helped his daughter by covering her head with a wedding veil and giving his words of blessing to the couple, “You must live happily!”

“I have no regrets in my life,” he said.

Hou added that his greatest wish is to witness his daughter get married and hand her to the groom.

Doctors and nurses working at the hospital were present during the heartwarming moment. Together they all sang “Let the dream fly,” which caused the newlywed couple to break down in tears with their family.

Hou said that his family is the biggest reason he is still able to fight the disease, adding that he is looking forward to seeing his grandchildren someday.

Images via United Daily News (UDN)

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