Philippine President’s Granddaughter Throws an Epic 18th Birthday Debut

Philippine President’s Granddaughter Throws an Epic 18th Birthday DebutPhilippine President’s Granddaughter Throws an Epic 18th Birthday Debut
Isabelle Duterte,
Isabelle Duterte
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While a coming out party is traditionally celebrated to a lavish extent in the Philippines when a girl turns 18 years old, Isabelle took birthday extravagance several notches higher with her party. 
Isabelle Duterte
In the run-up to her birthday bash, Isabelle earlier made local headlines for turning the Malacanang Palace (Philippine seat of power) into her own pre-birthday photo studio
Isabelle Duterte
Her fancy invitation, shot in Sydney Australia, also became viral for including a screen that automatically plays a teaser video for Isabelle’s party.
As with the invitation, every bit of the party held at the posh Peninsula Manila hotel in Makati City is undeniably grandiose.
Isabelle Duterte
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The debutant’s royal blue gown was created by internationally renowned Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco, who has dressed popular celebrities such Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce.
Isabelle Duterte
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Manila-based Fashion Designer Joe San Antonio designed some of the outfits she wore that night, including a white Orias pantsuit and a lace gown.
Isabelle Duterte
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Even Isabelle’s “getting ready” dress and robe was custom made by chic local brand La Tercera.
Isabelle Duterte
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Noticeably missing from the lavish event was Isabelle’s own father, former Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, and her popular grandfather. Despite President Duterte’s absence, his official security detail, the Presidential Security Group personnel, were present at the venue for the entire duration of the event.
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Isabelle’s father had earlier resigned from his post after exchanging tirades with her on social media after she alleged that he beat someone up.
“Just because you have a position in the city, does not mean you can beat up someone. Even if you have power, you can’t hurt people. The person you hurt was a child. You can’t do that just because you have a name, even if you’re a Duterte,” she wrote in a tweet.
Isabelle Duterte
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Paolo responded on Facebook in Cebuano: “I will not keep my mouth shut after that person pimped you twice. If your mom and stepfather don’t care about you, I do. Not because I am a Duterte, but because I am a father. Change your family name if you want. You have no respect. Shame on you!”
Aside from the social media drama, Isabelle’s apparent flaunting of wealth has also been criticized by netizens, with some comparing her to former First Lady Imelda Marcos, wife of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who became renowned for living in luxury during the time Filipinos depended on international aid to fight malnutrition.
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Before the election, Filipino voters were enamored with President Duterte’s projected simple lifestyle as painted by multiple Facebook pages promoting him. A lot of Filipinos still prefer to look at him that way; unfortunately, it’s hard to do so when his granddaughter throws an Imeldific, or ostentatiously extravagant, party suitable for a fairytale princess.
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