Dutch Zoo Captures 2 Pandas Finally F***ing

Dutch Zoo Captures 2 Pandas Finally F***ing
Bryan Ke
January 21, 2020
Two pandas living in a zoo in the Netherlands finally got down to business after living together for many years.
The two pandas’ copulation was celebrated online after the Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen, the Netherlands posted a screenshot of the joyous moment on Facebook on Monday, according to Shanghaiist.
Xing Ya and Wu Wen arrived at the park in 2017 and have lived there ever since. It was only on Saturday when the two finally showed interest in having sex.
“At the end of last week, we knew Wu Wen was ready and since that moment the keepers have been busy encouraging the animals in a special enclosure,” the zoo said in a statement.
The zookeepers encouraged the two pandas to fornicate by dousing each of their sleeping areas with the other panda’s urine, training Xing Ya to stand on his back feet, and making him watch videos of other pandas copulating, Dutch News reported.
Zoo staff members remain hopeful as they plan to test Wu Wen’s urine to see if she is pregnant.
Female pandas’ fertile periods only last for a few days each year, making this moment the only chance for Wu Wen to become pregnant until her next cycle next year.
Feature Image via @Ouwehandszoo
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