Dutch Taxi Driver Traps Chinese Tourists, Forces Them to Pay $540 For 20-Minute Trip

A group a Chinese tourists had just arrived in Amsterdam when they were met with an unfortunate situation.

The group got pick up in a cab at Schiphol airport and asked to be dropped of at their hotel, which was about 5.6 miles from Amsterdam. The trip took roughly 20 minutes, so the tourists didn’t expect a big bill. However, upon arrival, the Dutch driver demanded €485, or roughly $540.

“‘That is a scary number,’ I said,” one of the tourists told Telegraaf TV. “And then he started driving, nonstop.”

The tourist then tried screaming for help and eventually got the driver to stop when one of them broke a window. Although some of the tourists managed to escape, one ended up getting trapped inside the car with their baggage still inside.

Eventually, they settled to pay €100, roughly $112, and their baggages was returned, according to Dutch News.nl. Police are currently looking for the driver.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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