Shirtless Hunks in Thailand Are Handling the D (for Durian)


A newly created Facebook page of a Thai fruit store has already received a couple of thousands of followers after it featured photos of ripped men with durian.

Bsamfruit Durian Delivery, which created its Facebook page on April 11, attracted more than 2,500 followers in just 13 days thanks to topless, hunky men holding and preparing durians, according to Mothership.

The Thai fruit store is located in Chiang Mai and was launched by the head chef of an eatery called Bsamcook on April 22. Thais who have been hit hard with the COVID-19 pandemic were present for the unveiling.

He also donated a warehouse to store all the durians from Chanthaburi and Rayong provinces. The chef aims to sell and deliver other fruits as well, including mangosteens, rambutans and mangoes.

This may be a call back to last year’s trend of attractive men posing with the King of Fruits.

Feature Image via Bsamfruit

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