Durian sells for over $39,000 at auction in Malaysia

Durian sells for over $39,000 at auction in MalaysiaDurian sells for over $39,000 at auction in Malaysia
via Fadzli Kamal
A prized durian from Malaysia’s Raub district was recently sold for a whopping 185,000 Malaysian ringgit ($39,500). 
Fundraising event: The durian, a Musang King variety known for its creamy texture and intense flavor, was sold at an event held in Pahang to raise funds for Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Ruan, a local secondary school.
Bidding for the durian started at a modest 2,000 ringgit ($427) but the price soon soared before it was eventually won by Huang Qi Wen for 185,000 ringgit.
One for the books: According to the organizers, Huang’s durian is now one of the most expensive in the world.
“I knew this was a very special durian,” said Fadzli Mohamad Kamal, chairman of the Pahang committee for communications and multimedia, youth, sports and non-governmental organizations, who shared the news on social media. “But I was amazed at how much it sold for. I was expecting one million baht so for it to sell more is very good.”
The record for the most expensive durian was set in 2019 when a Kanyao variety durian sold for 1.5 million Thai baht ($43,000) at an auction in Thailand.
For a good cause: Among the several other pricy durians sold at the event, a Black Thorn durian also went under the hammer for 15,000 ringgit ($3,206).   
The fundraising event, which also included a food fair and a concert, was able to raise over 404,000 ringgit ($86,370) in total for the durian bids. The amount will be used to improve the school’s infrastructure, providing much-needed upgrades to classrooms, libraries and other facilities.
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