Ducklings Think Korean Man is Their Mother, Follow Him During Hikes

A video showing a South Korean man being followed by over a dozen baby ducks while hiking on a hill in Seoul is going viral again.

The middle-aged man raised the 21 ducklings like they were his own children, according to Good Times.

He kept the eggs warm until they were all ready to hatch, and the birds have been so attached to him like he was their mother.

Every time he goes out for a hike, he would often bring them along with him.

The ducklings seem to understand the man’s every move — when he stops during their hike, the rest of the group follows as well.

They also take short water breaks during their daily morning walks.

The bond between them is truly unbreakable. Not even a stranger could separate the group from the men.

They only trust him and only follow his voice.

No… it’s not right. Birds don’t hike with a human,” one hiker said after witnessing the man and his 21 ducklings.

“I’ve seen dogs following to hiking, but not birds,” another said.

It’s my small dream to visit the sky with these little guys one day,” the man said.

Images via YouTube / SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

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