Google Competitor DuckDuckGo is Giving Away $225,000 in Grants

Google Competitor DuckDuckGo is Giving Away $225,000 in Grants
Editorial Staff
May 5, 2016
Google’s much lesser-known competitor in the internet search business
In fact, the Pennsylvania-based company is about to give away a total of $225,000 in grants to support nine open source projects at $25,000 each, reported Business Insider.
Last year, the Pennsylvania-based company gave away $125,000 in grant money to five different projects. It was the same year it claimed to have reached a milestone of 3 billion searches.
DuckDuckGo is the search engine of choice for those who want to opt out from Google’s prying eyes. Its engine does not collect user data to sell to marketers and provides a private, anonymous internet search.
This is why instead of targeted ads, its web browsers only show generic ads from the Yahoo-Bing search alliance network where it gets its main revenue. It also gets its share of money from revenue-sharing agreements with Linux Open Source companies, and from affiliate programs with several companies.
In the announcement for the shortlisted recipients for this year’s grants, founder Gabriel Weinberg looked back six years ago, when he began donating in free and open source projects similar to DuckDuckGo.
They were labors of love by just a few people working in their spare time,” Weinberg said. “I wanted them to know how important their projects were to me and to lend a little financial support where I could.”
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