NYC ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ subjected his wife to ‘sadistic and violent sexual abuse’ for decades, lawyer says

NYC ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ subjected his wife to ‘sadistic and violent sexual abuse’ for decades, lawyer saysNYC ‘Duck Sauce Killer’ subjected his wife to ‘sadistic and violent sexual abuse’ for decades, lawyer says
Carl Samson
September 13, 2022
Dorothy Hirsch, the widow of alleged “Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch, has claimed to be a victim of her late husband’s “sadistic and violent” behavior for decades — including a 1995 incident when she was allegedly tortured and raped in a motel room.
Glenn, 51, was accused of fatally shooting Chinese food delivery worker Zhiwen Yan in Queens, New York City, on April 30. Investigators traced his motive to a months-long beef with Great Wall, the restaurant Yan had worked in, which allegedly started from a duck sauce dispute.
Zhiwen Yan and his wife Kunying Zhao. Image via Kunying Zhao
After being arrested, charged and released on a $500,000 bail, Glenn was found dead in his Briarwood apartment on Aug. 5, apparently shooting himself and leaving a suicide note.
Dorothy, 62, was arrested on June 3 after authorities found eight firearms and more than 200 rounds of ammunition in her separate Briarwood home. Earlier this month, she was indicted on nine counts of criminal possession of a weapon, eight counts of criminal possession of a firearm and one count of unlawful possession of ammunition.
Dorothy’s legal counsel has since sought the dismissal of her charges. In a new court filing, defense lawyer Mark Bederow detailed Glenn’s history of abuse, which he says prosecutors had known before greenlighting Dorothy’s arrest.
“Glenn’s acts of brutality against Dorothy (before and during their marriage) included sadistic and violent sexual abuse, striking, cutting and menacing her with weapons, punching her, slapping her, threatening to kill her, extortion and contempt,” Bederow wrote.
Dorothy Hirsch. Image via New York Police Department
One notable alleged incident occurred on Dec. 19, 1995, before the couple were married.
According to Dorothy, Glenn held her captive in a motel room, where she was stripped, pistol-whipped, handcuffed, gagged, blindfolded and raped multiple times. She also accused her late husband of cutting her in the stomach and ribs with a knife, as well as striking her with a ruler, a radio antenna and his own fists, as per the New York Daily News.
Between that year and 2007, Glenn had been arrested at least four times for violent incidents involving his wife. Those include claims of assault, rape, and verbal and physical threats.
“If you go to the police or leave me, I will kill you; I will kill your family,” Glenn allegedly told Dorothy on Jan. 17, 2007, as per the New York Post. While police arrested him and found 100 rounds of ammunition and a gravity knife in his possession, that case was eventually dismissed.
Glenn Hirsch. Image via New York Police Department
Bederow insists that Glenn’s history of abuse is relevant to Dorothy’s case.
“The DA knew before arresting Dorothy that Glenn abused her for years. That evidence obviously is relevant to her defense that she didn’t know the guns were in HIS closet because she wouldn’t dare question him or snoop through the junk he stored,” he told the New York Daily News.
The District Attorney’s Office, on the other hand, declined to provide further statements.
“As alleged, the defendant was found in possession of a cache of illegal weapons,” District Attorney Melinda Katz said on Sept. 2, according to the New York Post. “These deadly guns, which were recovered in an apartment that she alone owns and occupies, pose an inherent danger to countless nearby residents and the community at large.”
Featured Image via FOX 5 New York
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