Chinese Boy Invents Automatic Drying Rack That Detects Rain After Getting Yelled at By Mom

A 12-year-old boy in Nanning, China invented an automated clothes drying rack after he was scolded by his mother for failing to look after their laundry on a rainy day.

The inspiration came to the boy when he got in trouble for playing too much and not noticing that his clothes were left out in the rain.


Once I was alone at home, my mother asked me to keep the laundry but I was too happy playing and didn’t realize it was raining outside. My mother came home and saw the laundry was wet,” he said, Sinchew reported as translated by World of Buzz.

With the help of his father and teacher, the boy created an automated drying rack that can detect the current weather.

The drying rack comes equipped with a built-in sensor that detects if it is raining or the sun is out.

When it starts to rain, the hanger will retract under the shade and revert back to its original position once the sun starts to shine again.

The hanger also has a clever way of adjusting the rack based on the wetness of the clothes.

With his creative invention, the Primary Six student was able to win first place at a youth innovation competition held in Guangxi, China.

Images Screenshot via Kankanews

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