Drunk Thai Man Gets Stuck in Mud During Morning Run, Needs a Forklift to Get Out

thai man

A Thai man who had just finished half a bottle of alcohol fell into a sea of mud while having a morning run in eastern Thailand.

The incident occurred on a muddy part of the coast of Chonburi province around 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

Sompong Singsita, 32, fell after drinking half a bottle of liquor with his friend, Songka Kamsang, who then rushed for help.

As it turned out, Singsita wanted to get some exercise after the drink, so he took off for a morning run.

In a video filmed by local news outlet Channel 8, Singsita is seen covered in mud and unable to move.

“I’m okay, I just can’t move,” the tipsy man said before somehow demanding, “First, give me a cigarette.”

Singsita’s ordeal lasted for about an hour before rescuers arrived and pulled him up on a forklift.

“I was smoking and took a wrong step and then fell … but yes, before that I was working out,” he said after being rescued.

Despite his tragic experience, Singsita remained in good spirits and assured onlookers that he was okay.

It appears Singsita had fallen off to a mudflat, or a coastal wetland that forms when rivers or tides deposit mud into such area.

Mudflats do not only prevent coastal erosion but serve as essential ecosystems for animals such as certain species of crabs, fish, mollusks and migratory birds.

Images via Facebook / @newsthaich8

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