Drunk Dad Forcefully Kisses His Son’s Bride During Wedding In Front of Guests

A newly wed bride from Yancheng, Jiangsu province, China, recently had the most awkward run in with one of her in-laws during her wedding ceremony – the father, drunk off his mind, forcefully kissed her on stage.

The video, which went super viral on Chinese social media platforms, shows an elderly man walking on a stage with a woman wrapped around his arm. It turns out, the woman, who is wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress, is actually the bride and his daughter-in-law.

She’s clearly uncomfortable with what’s happening based on the video; apparently, the crowd did not help at all — or at least not at first — when they cheered and clapped as the man tried to kiss her, according to Shanghaiist via Medium.

The bride’s family did not exactly approve of what happened on stage. In another video posted on Weibo, the family can be seen rushing to the stage to confront the groom’s father — knocking over decorations in the process.

The rather traumatizing incident reportedly ended with the bride’s family taking her home. The hotel, meanwhile, confirmed the events that occurred in an interview.

Featured image via YouTube / Channel Pak

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