Drunk Chinese Driver Tries to Escape Breathalizer by Eating Grass, Fails Miserably

A drunk Chinese driver pulled a bizarre move after he was stopped by the police to do a breath test.

In order to pass the breath analyzer, a man from China pulled on the side of the road and ate grass. South China Morning Post reported that the man was attempting to sober up.

The news said that the man who was driving a Mercedes swiftly ran away from his car after the police asked him to take a breath test. The incident happened in Yiwu in Zhejiang Province.

Police were able to run after him and he denied being drunk and driving the car he just left. After realizing that he has no way out, the Chinese man pulled grass from the road side and ate it.

“The driver probably wanted to change his blood alcohol level by eating grass,” the police said. “We kept telling him, don’t eat grass. He didn’t listen, he didn’t stop pulling or eating the grass. It’s likely some was swallowed and some he spat out.”

In the end, the officials took the man to a hospital for a blood test that he failed.

Chinese online users mocked and made fun of the video that went viral, with one joked by saying that the man’s zodiac must be a cow.

Another online user said that apart from getting fined for drunk driving, the man could also get charged for destroying and eating protected grass.

Check out the hilarious video below:

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