Drunk AF Teacher in Japan Goes to Student’s Home, Beats Him Up

Drunk AF Teacher in Japan Goes to Student’s Home, Beats Him Up
Ryan General
June 12, 2017
A drunk teacher at a municipal elementary school in Japan made an unannounced late night “house call” to a pupil’s home last month and gave the child a surprise beating.
Following the incident, Osaka City Board of Education suspended the unnamed 38-year-old who serves as the head teacher of an elementary school in Osaka’s Minato Ward, reports SoraNews24.
It was revealed that the teacher spent the night drinking with colleagues before paying a surprise visit to one of his sixth-form students at around 10 p.m. local time on May 12.
Using a drumstick from a home drumming video game, the inebriated teacher reportedly began beating the student immediately after entering the home.
The boy was allegedly hit around 30 times on the back and shoulders before he was able to escape and take refuge in their toilet.
The teacher then pounded on the toilet door, damaging it as he pursued the hiding student.
The boy’s parents, who were present during the attack, were eventually able to force the teacher out of the house.
The ejected intruder then stayed at the front door for approximately 15 minutes, continuously pestering the household by ringing the doorbell numerous times, before finally giving up and leaving.
The boy sustained injuries that he endured for a full week.
Upon questioning, the teacher would later claim to remember very little about the bizarre assault in an investigation conducted by the City Board of Education. 
He did, however, reason out that he visited because he was merely concerned about the student who missed school that day.
While the teacher has been suspended from the school for three months, it was not reported if the parents filed criminal charges against him.
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