Driver in China Runs Over Three Kids Because She Was Distracted By Her Phone

Horrifying surveillance camera footage of three children being run over by a car in a parking lot has gone viral on China’s social media sites.
The short clip showed three small unsupervised kids playing in the Shenzhen lot before being run over on by a sedan on Saturday.
In the security feed, the car can be seen slowly rolling forward into the group of kids, running them over, but eventually stopping after all them were already beneath the car.
The woman driver, who witnesses claimed to be distracted by her mobile phone during the incident, was apprehended by the local authorities, Shanghaiist reported. All of the children were immediately brought to the hospital and are reportedly now in stable condition.
Netizens were quick to point out that the driver, while responsible for the accident, was not the only one to blame. Many Weibo users pin most of the responsibility to the missing parents who allowed their kids to play on the ground of a parking lot.
“To be honest, even if she wasn’t looking at her cell phone, it’s not certain that she would have seen these kids. The parents should take responsibility,” one netizen was quoted as saying.
“The parents of these three children have ruined the driver’s life,” another Weibo user opined.
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