New Trend Has Women Using Their Breasts to Drink Boba Tea

Boba-loving women in Asia are participating in a new online “challenge” that involves them drinking bubble tea without the use of their hands.

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In this online trend, women with large breasts are sharing images of themselves drinking the popular beverage while using their boobs for support.

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Shared via the hashtag #手放しタピオカ, the so-called handsfree boba tea challenge is reportedly inspired by a collection of illustrations by artist Kiseki Himura called “Tawawa on Monday.”

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The challenge has become quite popular that it has even inspired fan art with manga/anime characters also drinking boba tea using their boobs.

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While many netizens have reacted quite positively to the trend, some have noted that it’s a challenge that not all women can easily participate in.

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Others have pointed out that the challenge is quite fitting since, in Taiwan, where the “bubble tea phenomenon” originated, the term boba is actually a slang word for “large breasts.”


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Featured image via (left) Instagram/misaki_chanx and (right) Instagram/creamcandy123

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