Instagrammer Hires Hilarious Twitter Account to Remind Him to Drink Water

A busy restaurateur like Jason Wong needs someone to remind him to keep hydrated and drink water, so he decided to hire a Twitter account to do just that.

Wong revealed in a tweet that he hired the Twitter account @drinkwaterthot to privately notify him to down some water.

Messages sent by the account showed a humorous way of encouraging the man to stay hydrated by telling him to throw away a cold drink and drink water instead.

After the tweet went viral, Wong said in a follow-up that his water assistant got flooded by messages and requests that it has not reminded him to drink water in two days.

However, many of his followers and other Twitter users pointed out that the service Wong “paid” for was allegedly a stolen idea from another user with the handle name @emoblackthot.

Some users explained that the original concept creator was doing it for free. @emoblackthot not only reminds people to drink water, but to do other helpful things as well.

One person called out the similarities of the handles.

It turns out that the account @drinkwaterthot is no longer active, but another one has popped up in its place called @drinkwaterho.

Featured Image via Instagram / @pug, Twitter / eggroll

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