Chinese Kindergarten’s Dribbling Game Goes Viral for Incredible Cooperation


A group of kindergarten students from China went viral this week for their impressive performance of a dribbling game that sought flawless synchronization.

The game, aptly called “Cooperation,” required the students to bounce two balls four times before they can jump to their right and dribble the next pair.

Image Screenshot via @thinking_panda

As seen in a TikTok video reposted on Twitter, the balls are kept in place as the students moved around a large circle in a rhythmic pattern.

“China’s kindergarten game: Cooperation,” user @thinking_panda captioned the video, which has now received more than 36 million views.

The video easily won praises from many users, but some were also quick to slam the game as a form of “indoctrination” from the Chinese government.

“Doesn’t look like a game to me. Seems more like training in automatism and obedience,” one Twitter user wrote. “Just the kind of attributes the Chinese Communist Party likes in their citizens.”

While the comment has received more than 3,000 likes, many pointed out the hypocrisy in its assumption, noting how children elsewhere are made to perform similar activities.

“So according to the replies, children playing a game together is indoctrination. Wait until they hear about how kids have to stand up every day and pledge their undying allegiance to their country,” one user commented. “These children are playing a game, chill tf out guys.”

Soon after posting the video, @thinking_panda posted follow-up tweets to provide more context on the importance of cooperation in China.

“If you are born in a country with 1.4 billion people and thousands of years of history, you will know how important cooperation is. We need order more than freedom. We need collectivism more than individualism. Many Westerners don’t understand it,” @thinking_panda wrote.

The user stressed that China’s unique economic and social conditions leave it with no choice but to employ collectivism or socialism. It also shared videos of other games that highlight cooperation at the primary and university levels.

It added: “For resource-rich countries, individualism or capitalism is a good choice. For resource-deficient countries, it is necessary to allocate the limited resources through a strong government to ensure that every citizen has a better life. This is what China has done, and it is doing well.”

This is not the first time a Chinese kindergarten performed a basketball routine that required impeccable focus, balance and gross motor skills. In 2015, participants of a talent show called “Amazing Chinese” floored judges when they performed something similar in a choreographed number.

Watch it below:


Feature Image Screenshots via @thinking_panda

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