Japan Just Released the Most Badass Dragon Ball Game Ever

Japan Just Released the Most Badass Dragon Ball Game EverJapan Just Released the Most Badass Dragon Ball Game Ever
For “Dragon Ball Super” fans who have always wanted to relive and take part in their beloved series, this is the perfect simulator to do just that. An amusement center in Japan is gaining a lot of attention mostly for its attractions that lets visitors experience games instead of merely playing them.
Tokyo’s VR Zone Shinjuku has added an attraction that lets fans step out of their living room and experience the world of “Dragon Ball” for themselves. According to SoraNews24, the virtual reality attraction is called “Dragon Ball VR Secret Kamehameha”, a VR experience that first opened its doors on July 14.
Fans can finally know what it’s like blasting other players with a powerful charged wave and experience being engulfed in one as well. The virtual reality game itself might appear simple at first glance, but it’s actually quite complex. However, before players get to blast a powerful Kamehameha wave, they would first need to learn about the basics.
Players will have to start small and learn to fire a spirit ball, or ki-dan, first, before moving on to the more devastating kamehameha wave. “Dragon Ball Super” fans will be pleased to know that they won’t be alone in their journey towards learning the game.
Four key characters from the series will appear in the game, namely Vegeta, Piccolo, Krilin and Goku. One of these iconic names will be tasked at coaching the player in generating the perfect Kamehameha wave, which varies in powers of up to five levels.
While shooting powerful waves of energy to other players can be a blast, it might be inevitable getting blasted by someone else. In such cases, players that have suffered a fatal blow can always buy souvenir “Senzu beans” from the amusement center’s very own gift shop.
These items don’t just make a perfect gift for fans and collectors alike, they can also be tied on a player’s waist and it will appear in-game. In addition, these beans aren’t just for cosmetic purposes either since they also recover health at the same time. With all that said, this attraction in VR Zone Shinjuku is the closest thing fans can get to fully-realizing the “Dragon Ball” universe in real life.
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