Dr. Phil suggests Chinese migrants crossing US-Mexico border could be spies

Dr. Phil suggests Chinese migrants crossing US-Mexico border could be spiesDr. Phil suggests Chinese migrants crossing US-Mexico border could be spies
via Fox News, 60 Minutes
Renowned TV personality Dr. Phil McGraw has suggested on Fox News that some Chinese migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border could be spies.
Driving the news: Dr. Phil’s comments, made on Feb.6 during an appearance on “Hannity,” come amid a significant increase in the number of Chinese migrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. Statistics from Customs and Border Protection revealed a sharp rise in arrests over recent fiscal years.
The influx of Chinese migrants was recently highlighted in a “60 Minutes” report, which revealed how they are purportedly using social media and exploiting a gap in the border fence to enter the U.S. illegally.

Criticizing Biden: Speaking with host Sean Hannity, Dr. Phil, who pointed out his support for legal immigration, criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the border situation, labeling it as a “humanitarian crisis unlike anything we’ve seen before.” He emphasized the need for a more effective approach to immigration, highlighting concerns raised by Border Patrol officials regarding the enforcement of existing laws.
National security concerns: When asked about the odds of “terror cells” being among illegal immigrants, Dr. Phil suggested that the Chinese migrants crossing the border could be engaged in espionage activities. Describing many of them to be “military-age men,” he questioned their motives and whereabouts once they get inside the U.S.:

“Where do they go once they came across the border? We have no idea. They’re not being monitored. They’re not being followed…When they get here, what are they doing? If they’re working in farming? If they’re working in industry, I promise you they are expected to do certain things. Are they spying? Are they sending seeds back from farming to China? Are they getting plans from industries they’re working in? Who knows what they’re doing. We don’t know. We need to know.”

Call for greater oversight: Citing Border Patrol officials he had talked to during a border visit, Dr. Phil called for enhanced monitoring and oversight of individuals entering the country. 
“We have the right to know that to control who’s coming into this country,” he said. “As I said, you don’t reward bad behavior. You don’t subsidize things that you don’t want to see more of. But that’s what’s happening.”
Hannity leaves warning: In response to Dr. Phil’s concerns, Hannity expressed apprehension about potential national security risks of not vetting individuals entering the U.S. According to the host, such individuals potentially harbor terrorist intentions.
“Mark my words, Dr. Phil, and I pray to God that I’m wrong… among the 10 million or so illegal, unvetted Joe Biden immigrants, I guarantee you terror cells are mixed in that group,” Hannity said. “And they’re not coming here because they want a better life for themselves and their family. He will have blood on his hands.”
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