Muslims Band Together to Raise Over $190,000 to Help San Bernardino Shooting Victims

Muslims Band Together to Raise Over $190,000 to Help San Bernardino Shooting Victims
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
December 11, 2015
A community of Muslims has come together to aid victims of the recent San Bernardino attack. A move not even Donald Trump can outdo.
Dr. Faisal Qazi
In a report by ABC7, the campaign “Muslims United for San Bernardino”hoped to raise $50,000 for the families of the victims killed in the tragic terror attack that killed 14 people. The campaign was spearheaded by Dr. Faisal Qazi to provide immediate assistance and support for the families.
Executive director of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Shakeel Syed, endorsed the fundraising campaign that took a few days to have the donations pour in. As of now, they have raised more than $190,000. The compassion shown in this endeavor may surprise some people, but not those who know how members of the Muslim community treat Muslims and non-Muslims as well.
In an interview with local press, Syed expressed his appreciation of the outpouring of support from fellow Muslims, “This project means the world to Muslims and that’s reflected in the intensity and the speed with which folks are contributing to this project.”
“To simply say that we love you from the bottom of our hearts and they should know that they are not alone in this calamity. We share their sorrow,” Syed said.
Abdel Hamil Barraj, a member of a mosque in California said Muslims are peaceful Americans and that violent Muslims are just a minority. “There’s a minority that are calling for violence and all of that. We don’t go with it. We’re against it, all the way,” he said in an interview with ABC7 news.
Recent anti-Muslim sentiment may be making it tough for American Muslims in the area but it did not stop the group for reaching out and doing good for other people.
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