Donnie Yen Once Sent 8 Men to the Hospital for Harassing His Girlfriend at a Club

Donnie Yen Once Sent 8 Men to the Hospital for Harassing His Girlfriend at a Club

April 20, 2017
We sure are hearing lots of great things about Donnie Yen, but the fact remains that there’s more!
Unless you’re a hardcore fan, you mustn’t have known that the soon-to-be “IP Man 4” star actually sent a gang of eight members — all grown men — straight to a hospital when they harassed actress Joey Meng, his then-girlfriend.
The incident was reported by Hong Kong news outlets in the late 1990s. According to the story, Yen and Meng were living it up at a nightclub when a gang of men who took interest in the actress began harassing her for attention in front of Yen.
Yen reportedly warned the men but was ignored. As the couple tried to leave the club, the gang pursued and attacked Yen.
But the troublesome swarm had no clue who they were dealing with, and the eight members soon found themselves lying on hospital beds, as per China Times. Apparently, Yen wasted no time and beat them in self-defense. He was arrested by the police but was shortly let go after investigation.
The incident continues to be relived to this date, because really, it teaches that one can’t always mess with another — especially if it’s Donnie Yen.
He recently chimed in on the controversial assault of Dr. David Dao and “black listed” United Airlines, which, unfortunately, is not firing a single employee despite the grim incident. He called the incident “uncivilized.”
That being said, we at NextShark couldn’t help but imagine what it’d be like for 90s Yen would take out Dr. David Dao’s draggers. We think it’d look a little something like this:
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