Donnie Yen Teases ‘Ip Man 4’ With #10YearChallenge Post on Instagaram

Hong Kong film star Donnie Yen was one of the latest to join the extensive list of celebrities taking part in the viral ‘10 Year Challenge’ trend this Wednesday.

In an Instagram post, Yen shared a screenshot of himself in 2010’s “Ip Man 2” next to a black-and-white photo of himself in the upcoming “Ip Man 4.”


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The hotly anticipated sequel, which wrapped up filming last July, will see Yen reprise his role as Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man as he arrives in Seattle to train the legendary Bruce Lee, according to Screen Rant.

Donnie Yen as Ip Man in “Ip Man 2” (2009) (Screenshot via YouTube / Madman Films)

The film will also feature a fight scene between Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan, which will reportedly be the highlight of the movie.

Donnie Yen and his wife, Cissy Wang (2019) (Image via Instagram / @donnieyenofficial)
Donnie Yen as Ip Man in “Ip Man 2” (2009) (Screenshot via YouTube / Madman Films)
Donnie Yen (2018) (Image via Instagram / @donnieyenofficial)

It may have been 10 years between the two films, but it sure doesn’t seem that long judging by how 55-year-old Yen is looking these days!

Featured Image via Instagram and YouTube / (left) @donnieyenofficial and (right) Madman Films

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