Donald Trump Masks Are Selling Like Hot Cakes in Japan and No One Knows Why

Donald Trump Masks Are Selling Like Hot Cakes in Japan and No One Knows Why
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 14, 2016
Creepy Donald Trump masks are now a huge hit in Japan with the most popular line of rubber masks having been sold out in just one day after Trump’s victory in the U.S. election.
The masks were created by Ogawa Studios, one of the country’s most popular mask manufacturers. According to RocketNews24, the company produces a wide range of masks from celebrities to politicians and monsters. Each signature design has a unique creepiness that may be one of the reasons for the brand’s popularity.
After Donald Trump’s recent win as the new U.S. President-elect, sales of the masks have gone through the roof, forcing Ogawa Studios to put all orders on hold for fear that they may not be fulfilled. With the masks’ ever growing demand, however, Ogawa Studio has committed to produce even more rubber Trump masks and sales would eventually resume.
While the reason for such fascination on Trump’s scowling face is still yet unknown, Japanese netizens have suggested some interesting theories:
“Maybe Japan is getting ready for its own Trump-like revolution?”
“I mean, if you’re going to buy a mask of somebody, then you want it to be someone important. And right now there’s no one more important in the world.”
“These masks are perfect for end of the year parties with co-workers, or to give as a Christmas gift.”
While the last one might be too far of a stretch, it would be somewhat interesting to see someone’s reaction upon opening a Christmas gift and finding Trump’s face inside it. 
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