Inside a Chinese Factory that Makes the Insanely Popular Donald Trump Masks

America’s Election Day ended last week but the series of protests from anti-Trump supporters is just starting.
One Shenzhen factory received an overload of requests for Trump masks before Halloween and Election Day. Making a realistic Trump face mask requires several, intricate steps, which is why production might be slow to process the overwhelming demand.
While the company believed that the orders would stop once the election period is over, their assumptions were wrong. It turns out that they have four more years to meet the requests for Trump masks, Shanghaiist reported.
Trump-face rubber face masks are also reportedly sold out in Japan.
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump also managed to get his hands on one of these masks during his Florida rally. According to the Telegraph, Trump spotted one of his supporters wearing a Trump mask mid-way through his speech.
“Look at this mask. Oh well it’s beautiful. Looks just like me,” Trump told his audience. Well, Mr. Trump, it’s supposed to look like you.
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