Donald Trump Jr. Just Called Dr. Eugene Gu a ‘Wife Beater’ on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. Just Called Dr. Eugene Gu a ‘Wife Beater’ on TwitterDonald Trump Jr. Just Called Dr. Eugene Gu a ‘Wife Beater’ on Twitter
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June 26, 2018
Dr. Eugene Gu, who rose to fame for taking a knee against White supremacy and was
It began when Twitter user @GuardianRover tweeted out details from public records on an arrest record involving a Eugene Gu in Hayward, California in 2015.
The arrest record, found here, details that Eugene Gu was arrested for “False Imprisonment By Violence” and “Battery on Spouse.”
User @GuardianRover’s tweet was then retweeted by Donald Trump Jr. and subsequently shared by Trump supporters. In his first tweet, Trump Jr. added, “Is this real? Wow could this be the resistance? MD, Social Activist, Wife Beater???”
While Trump Jr. was taking jabs at Gu, Gu was unable to respond directly since Trump Jr. blocked him in November 2017.
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Gu did however respond to his followers on the revelation of the arrest record indicating that the Eugene Gu in the record was indeed him, however the charges for which he was arrested for were expunged by a judge in court after due process. Gu tweeted in a multi-tweet thread:
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Gu revealed the allegations of domestic violence were false, citing his wife’s “aggressive lawyer” during his divorce in 2015. That same year, Gu was also at the Duke University School of Medicine where he earned his M.D.
“A judge reviewed every single false allegation and not only dismissed every single charge but expunged my record entirely because I was completely innocent after due process,” Gu tweeted.
Gu speculated that the attack from Trump Jr. on Twitter stems from him bringing attention to the possibility Donald Trump Jr. committed treason when he conspired with Wikileaks in 2016.
Gu also drew attention to the strategy his critics use in propping up his arrest warrant as a reference of character rather than the result of the judicial process that found the allegations against him to be false and his innocence maintained. Many of Gu’s followers were quick to cite that he was indeed found innocent on tweets that painted the doctor as a “wife beater.”
Gu ended his thread by asking for any attorneys who may be willing to take up a libel and slander case against Donald Trump Jr. pro bono.
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