The Real Story Behind Donald Trump ‘Disrespectfully’ Feeding Fish in Japan

Earlier today, Trump was caught on camera feeding koi fish with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during his trip to Japan.

At one point during the video, Trump was seen dumping the hole box of fish food into the pond, and not using a spoon.

The photos and videos went viral and many journalists and netizens went online bashing trump for being “disrespectful.”

In a now deleted tweet Captain Covfefe wrote: “Trump literally can’t even feed fish right. He. Can’t. Feed. Fish. How can he be the leader of the US if.. HE CAN’T FEED FOOKIN’ FISH!?”

Even Japanese netizens were amused.

However, if you look at the full footage, Shinzo Abe actually did it first and Donald Trump was merely following his lead.

Perhaps this woman makes a great point.

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