Donald Trump Eats Lavish Dinner in South Korea With 360-Year-Old Soy Sauce

Donald Trump Eats Lavish Dinner in South Korea With 360-Year-Old Soy Sauce
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
November 7, 2017
Earlier today, President Donald Trump landed in South Korea for the second stop of his five-country Asian tour for a state dinner in Seoul.
While Trump had an all-American dinner when he dined in Japan with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, it appears South Korea didn’t want Trump leaving the country without tasting their local delicacies. The meal also included a “beef rib dish accompanied by a gravy made with an exquisite, 360-year-old soy sauce.” according to a representative for Seoul’s presidential office.
The soy sauce’s age implies that it was made in 1657, the same year Benjamin Franklin was born. Fermented soy sauce is a staple in South Korean cuisine and can cost thousands of dollars per liter. During a food show in 2012, soy sauce that was made 450 years ago had a price tag of $90,000.
Here’s what Donald Trump ate, according to the Blue House (South Korea’s White House equivalent):

Corn porridge accompanied by fresh herb and vegetable side dishes served on a traditional individual table.

Blue House

Grilled sole from Geoje island with Donggukjang (brown bean sauce) consomme.

Blue House

Pine mushroom rice in a stone pot accompanied with shrimp caught in the waters of Dokdo mixed with stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables, and grilled Hanwoo (Korean beef) rib seasoned with a special sauce made with an exquisite, 360-year-old soy sauce served on a tray.

Blue House

Triple chocolate cake with raspberry vanilla sauce and Sujeonggwa (cinnamon punch) granita served with dried persimmons with a choice of Coffee or Tea.

Blue House
Hopefully, South Korean made sure President Trump’s steak was well done, complimented with a bottle of ketchup.
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