A Controversial Documentary Donald Trump Killed in 1991 Has Finally Been Released

A documentary detailing Donald Trump’s less than admirable business dealings has resurfaced on the internet nearly 25 years since Trump threatened to sue it out of existence.
News of the documentary’s free release by it’s creator hit Reddit today. According to the film’s website:
“The film was commissioned in 1988 by Leonard Stern as the first of a series on celebrity businessmen and finished in 1991.  Back then, the only way for a film to be seen was on television or in the theater. Donald threatened to sue any broadcaster or distributor that took on the film. In effect, it was suppressed. It was screened twice in back-to-back standing room only showings at the Bridgehampton Community House on July 3, 1991, the same day that Donald announced his engagement to Marla Maples.”
Here’s the full documentary:
You can watch the full movie for free here.
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