Donald Trump Asks Xi Jinping to Help Shoplifting UCLA Players in China

Donald Trump Asks Xi Jinping to Help Shoplifting UCLA Players in ChinaDonald Trump Asks Xi Jinping to Help Shoplifting UCLA Players in China
Kyle Encina
November 14, 2017
Chinese leader Xi Jinping addressed U.S. President Donald Trump’s concerns over the issue of three arrested UCLA students by telling him they’ll be treated fairly and expeditiously. President Trump discussed the matter with the Chinese leader during his two-day trip to Beijing.
The Chinese leader also promised President Trump that he will look into the case, according to Washington Post. While the rest of the UCLA men’s basketball team had already went home after their tournament in Hangzhou, three team members remained in China.
Chinese authorities revealed that the three UCLA students were required to stay in the country for a few weeks. In addition, local police mentioned that they have surveillance footage of the three team members who were allegedly shoplifting from three stores in a shopping center that sold designer items.
According to ESPN, professional basketball player Lonzo Ball’s brother LiAngelo, along with his team mates Cody Riley and Jaden Hill, were accused of allegedly stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton outlet near the hotel their team was staying in. The White House confirmed that President Trump did indeed intervene in the issue as he personally took the matter to Chinese leader Xi himself.
The three convicted UCLA students were eventually released on bail but by Wednesday morning, they remained in the country and are currently staying at a hotel in Hangzhou. It’s reported that the charges against the arrested UCLA team members have already been reduced and the case is inching towards resolution.
The source revealed that the punishment for theft in China could be reduced if the perpetrators cooperated with authorities, provided compensation and if they admitted to their crimes. Considering the fact that the convicted students were teenagers also helped in reducing their overall penalty.
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