Restaurant Will Make You a Part Owner if You Can Finish This Burrito

If you have both a massive appetite for burritos and dreams to be a restaurateur, then the perfect opportunity awaits you in Brooklyn.
Mexican restaurant Don Chingon will be holding a contest that challenges diners to finish a whopping 30-pound burrito in exchange for a 10% stake in the restaurant.
“If you are going to eat a massive amount of food in a single sitting, you deserve real compensation,” owner Victor Robey told the New York Daily News.
The massive burrito was created by chef German Villatoro and is called the Gran Chingon, which roughly translates to “large badass.” It is stuffed with four meats — steak, chicken, carnitas and chorizo — along with rice, beans, cheese and salsa.
Eaters who want to take on the Gran Chingon challenge must first pay a $150 fee to enter. There’s a one-hour time limit on the feat during which challengers must also down a ghost pepper margarita. Those who take bathroom breaks or vomit before finishing the burrito are disqualified.
The contest starts on Oct. 19, and the restaurant has said that it will not be responsible for “death or illness” that would likely befall those who attempt to consume the monstrous feast.
One more disclaimer: the 10% stake is non-transferable upon death, according to Fox News Magazine, so winners can forget about passing on the giant burrito family business to their children.
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