Domino’s Pizza in Japan is Training Reindeer to Deliver Pizzas For The Winter

Domino’s Pizza in Japan has been training reindeer to help the delivery in some parts of the country for the winter season. 
The company revealed the plan in an announcement, stating that it is seriously considering reindeer delivery as an option to ensure pizzas are sent no matter how harsh the weather becomes. 
According to RocketNews24, the decision to involve Santa’s favorite pets was a response to a Japanese weather agency report that this particular winter will be exceptionally harsh, potentially disrupting public transportation.
Since such weather conditions in the past have caused public roads and highways to be clogged, Domino’s Japan came up with a way to prevent pizza delivery delays.
The timing is great too as seeing reindeer during the holiday season would surely bring out the festive spirit.
Before coming up with the reindeer solution, the company reportedly went over a number of other options but it apparently ended up being their most sensible one.
According to Domino’s, however, such a scheme also entails several challenges, with the majority of them being safety issues as no one has ever tried it before.  
To ensure that the actual deliveries go smoothly, the company first launched a trial period for the reindeer to engage in training exercises. To simulate the brutally cold weather, the training sessions were held in the icy city of Ishikari in Hokkaido. Supervised by an expert animal-handler, the reindeer were trained on the grounds of a driving school.
In the images released by Domino’s, the animals are shown plowing through the snow, each carrying a container on their backs.
At the moment, no further details were provided but according to Domino’s website, additional information will be revealed on November 24.
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