Domino’s Driver Delivering Pizzas in D‌e‌a‌d‌ly Japan Typhoon is the Real MVP

Domino’s Driver Delivering Pizzas in D‌e‌a‌d‌ly Japan Typhoon is the Real MVPDomino’s Driver Delivering Pizzas in D‌e‌a‌d‌ly Japan Typhoon is the Real MVP
A delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza has gone viral in Japan after battling
The typhoon, the strongest to hit the country in 25 years, k‌i‌lle‌d at least 10 people and left thousands more stranded since its landfall on Sept. 4.
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Jebi directly swept the prefectures of Ehime, Hyogo, Kagawa, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Wakayama with winds up to 216 kilometers (135 miles) per hour.
The typhoon flooded a major airport, destroyed bridges, swept vehicles and cut off power lines at the height of its landfall.
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Locals were shocked to see one motorist brace the typhoon’s unquestionably destructive capacity.
In a chilling clip from Twitter user @pur305, the motorist can be seen struggling on the road as raging winds brushed against his direction.
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To the dismay of many, the motorist turned out to be a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza — and he sure was making a delivery under the d‌ea‌dl‌y weather.
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Another footage filmed in Osaka shows what some believe to be the same delivery driver defeated by the elements.
He loses his scooter to the strong winds but reportedly manages to find temporary shelter in an apartment block.
Japanese netizens praised the driver’s — or drivers’ — sense of responsibility but blamed Domino’s for sending out employees at such a dangerous time.
“The driver showed how responsible he is. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt.”
“Who lets someone deliver pizza on a scooter in the middle of a typhoon? Employee safety is certainly the company’s responsibility.”
“All these companies care about is money, not people.”
“Domino’s is a black company.”
“Those who deliver on such days have either lost their minds or are just too greedy.”
Image via Twitter / @pur305
Still, some took a jab at customers, arguing that they should know better than to make orders under death-defying conditions.
“Who calls to get pizza in such weather conditions? They’re just as bad as the company.”
“If you want to eat so much pizza, go get it yourself.”
“Asking for pizza in this typhoon? Really now?”
Featured Images via Twitter / @pur305
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