Instagram Couple Sparks Outrage After Using Holy Water at Sacred Bali Temple to Wash Butt

Instagram Couple Sparks Outrage After Using Holy Water at Sacred Bali Temple to Wash Butt

August 12, 2019
Indonesian netizens were infuriated after viral videos emerged showing a pair of Instagrammers desecrating a sacred site in Bali. 
Later identified as fitness models Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, the two Instagrammers were seen on video frolicking in what locals consider to be the sacred ground of a temple when Dolezalova bends over, hikes up her skirt and Slouka splashes spring water from the fountain on her behind.
According to Dr. Arya Wedakarna, a senator from Bali, the Instagrammers committed the deplorable act in Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud. In a post on Instagram, the senator indicated that he plans to summon the pair soon.
Some Indonesian netizens have urged the Bali Immigration Agency to block the two foreigners from leaving Bali until they take responsibility for their actions, according to Mata Indonesia News.
After drawing criticism when the clip went viral, Dolezalova and Slouka apologized through their Instagram accounts @sabina_dolezalova_ifbb and @znedekslouka.
The accounts have since been privated or suspended.
Both expressed their apologies through Story video uploads in which they admitted their mistakes.
“We are very sorry about yesterday’s video. We dishonored the holy temple and holy water in Ubud, and we didn’t know it so we are sorry about that,” said Slouka.
“Yes, because we had no idea about the holy water or there is a holy temple, so we really didn’t want to do anything bad. We are truly sorry and we hope you are going to forgive us. Now, we are just finding out what we can do to fix it,” said Dolezalova.
On Sunday, August 8, the couple was made to apologize in front of police for their actions and were reportedly forgiven, according to Detik News.
Featured Image via Instagram / sabina_dolezalova_ifbb
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