Dogs in Japan Hilariously Reveal Who Their Favorite Parent is in Two Photos

A pair of dogs posing for the camera have gone viral after making it clear who their favorite person in the family is.

On March 18, @loan___er shared these photos of two Bichon Frise on Twitter, raking at least 304,000 likes and 104,000 retweets to date.

The pups posed with their human parents under Japan’s cherry blossoms, and needless to say, it’s quite clear who between mom and dad wins.

With mom
With dad

Japanese Twitter erupted in amusement:

“They’re so cute!”

“This is making me laugh like crazy.”

“The expression is completely different.”

“[Their] face with dad is like attending a funeral.”

“Poor dad.”

However, one user broke from the apparent consensus and offered a twist:

“Nice pictures, I’m laughing! But I also thought — maybe their smiles are actually directed at the one holding the camera?”

If that’s the case, could it be that these pups actually prefer dad over mom?


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