Stunning Photo Series Showing Puppies Growing into Old Age Will Make You Cry

In celebration of National Dog Day today, check out these stunning pooch portraits from Massachusetts photographer Amanda Jones.
For her book, “Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then And Now,” Jones juxtaposes portraits she took of younger dogs next to her portraits of their older selves to show the personality and beauty they’ve developed over the years.
The inspiration for her photo series came from her own dog, Lily, a long-haired dachshund she’s had for 16 years.
Jones writes in the introduction to her book:
“In that time my husband and I moved across the country and back. We bought a house, had a baby, and through it all dear Lily was there with us—passing the time, being by our sides, joining us in our adventures of life. A dog’s life is a span that marks so much in our lives.”

Abigale: 4 months & 8-years-old

Copper: 3-years-old & 10-years-old

Kayden and Brodie: 11 months and 5-years-old & 7 and 12-years-old

Sydney and Savannah: 16 and 5 months & 10 and 90-years-old

Audrey: 3-years-old & 12-years-old

Briscoe: 1-year-old & 10-years-old

Fred: 2-years-old & 10-years-old

Maddy: 5-years-old & 10-years-old

Lily: 8 months & 15-years-old

Maddie and Ellie: 7 and 6-years-old & 14 and 13-years-old

Corbet: 2 & 11-years-old

Poppy: 1-year-old & 7-years-old

Rufus: 6 months & 13-years-old

Behind the scenes:
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