Dog Waits for 4 Days on a Bridge After Owner Jumps Off

Dog Waits for 4 Days on a Bridge After Owner Jumps OffDog Waits for 4 Days on a Bridge After Owner Jumps Off
For four days, a dog in Wuhan, China waited for its owner on the bridge they reportedly had jumped from.
A local identified only as Xu found the animal sitting patiently on the pavement of Yangtze Bridge, according to Chutian Metropolis Daily.
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Xu realized that the dog was someone’s pet because it was clean, docile, and refused to accept food and water from a stranger like himself.
What piqued his interest, however, was the fact that the dog simply stared at the river below the bridge.
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Xu took to social media to share photos of the animal, hoping that someone would eventually offer to adopt it.
However, the dog ran away and has since been missing.
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Du Fan, director of the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, confirmed later that the dog’s owner had jumped off the bridge.
Officials reportedly investigated the incident, though the owner’s gender remains unclear.
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Appealing to residents for help, the organization has started searching for the dog to ultimately find it a new home.
“We are still counting on finding a new owner for the dog. We think it’s too sad for such a loyal dog to stray on the streets,” Du Fan told Pear Video.
Weibo users commented on the news:
“What a loyal dog.”
“Find a home for it and never let it stray.”
“Dogs are much kinder than humans. I hope this one finds a new home.”
“This dog waited so patiently that its owner must be such a good person.”
“This made me cry. Life is hard enough [for us] and dogs certainly don’t have it easy.”
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