Dog Shot With Poison Dart Runs to Owner to Say Final Goodbye Before Dying

A dying dog, weakened after it was shot by a poison dart, exerted tremendous willpower to run towards its owners in an apparent effort to say goodbye.  

The video footage of the heartbreaking scene in China also caught the moment two motorcycle-riding dog thieves shot the poisoned dart at the dog before making their escape. After being shot by the dart, the dog made a dash inside its owners’ compound, looking for its owner.  

According to Daily Mail, the horrific incident reportedly happened on Thursday, in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China.

In the clip, a black dog can be seen walking with a smaller dog outside when the two thugs appeared. The rider who was sitting on the rear seat fired a small weapon that delivered poison into the dog’s body. Angered by what the men did to his friend, the smaller dog chased and barked after the escaping goons as their motorbike drove off.

When the black dog entered its home, the male owner rushed out to check what apparently drove the dog inside. The goons, however, had already gotten away.

The poisoned dog went on to run towards the female owner who appeared to be unaware what was going on with her pet. Badly weakened by the poison, the pet wobbled as it tried to stand up. A few seconds later, it began twitching, then died in front of its shocked owner.

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