Woman Rescues Terrified Dog Trapped in Molten Rubber in Thailand

Editor’s Note: A previous headline for this article stated it was a man who saved the dog when it was a woman who first spotted it.  The headline has been corrected.

A stray dog stuck in a pool of molten rubber was saved from certain death after a group of do-gooders stepped in for a dramatic rescue.


Helpless pooch: Supatra Baisri, a 30-year-old cafe owner, came across the distressed female dog submerged in the gooey asphalt rubber as she was walking by a nearby industrial estate in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, reported NewsFlare

  • The sticky mixture, dumped recklessly on the side of the road, appears to be made from recycled tires often used to repair roads.
  • Baisri saw the dog whimpering as she struggled helplessly to escape the toxic goo.
  • She wanted to get her out immediately but couldn’t go into the rubber out of fear of also getting stuck.
  • “I couldn’t even reach the dog with a stick to help her,” she said.

Saving Mali: To ensure the dog’s safety, Baisri immediately contacted local emergency services which soon arrived to the rescue.

  • The rescuers used an excavator to scoop the terrified dog out of the rubber.
  • They then used petroleum benzine oil to remove the rubber from the dog’s body.
  • Veterinarians, which have since named the pup Mali, made sure the dog did not sustain any irreparable damage to her fur and skin.
  • ”People need to be much more careful about how they dispose of rubbish. It can cause so much harm to animals,” one of the attending vets remarked.
  • Rescuers reportedly took two hours to get Mali to safety and now, she is completing her recovery under Baisri’s care.

Feature Image via MailOnline (Online News)

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